Square Conduct Services Limited

Designed to offer a personal, courteous and ethical service. Based on over 30 years of experience coupled with the use of subject-matter specialist and professional trades.

Our portfolio of expertise is vast, but also mutually supporting. Project Management benefits from ‘hands-on’ experience, while Projects, Renovation & Trade co-ordination work better with a solid business perspective & management techniques.

From MBA, Six-Sigma, Prince2 & CIMA qualifications through to Registered trade bodies, Square Conduct Services Limited can deliver for you.

Building & Renovation

We only work with long established skilled professionals & associated trades that are well known to us for the excellent standards together with providing good value for our clients.

We have a common ethos: treat the clients money & home as if it were your own – and – keep your promises, no matter how small.

Project Management

…..its about ‘facilitation’, how do you get other people to work at their best and towards the aims of the project.

Everybody thinks they can do it, but very few can – and deliver !

Don’t risk your project by using the person who says “how hard can it be”
(The answer is ‘very’)

Why use a Project Manager

EVERYONE want a successful project

A [good] Project Manager will save you money and remove the heartache of running a project yourself while balancing your current workload. At the same hime they bring skills & expertise that may not be available internally.

Its a simple equation: The money you will save more than compensates for the use of a Project Manager

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