Change Bathroom to Full Wetroom


Client wished to remove mobility bath and turn the whole area into a full limited access wetroom including repositioning the doorway and the addition of a sink into the room.


  • Remove; Bath & lift, radiator, Toilet, Sink, Tiles
  • Create new wide access doorway into side wall (block up old doorway)
  • Reconfigure Plumbing & electrical to new utility positions
  • All controls outside of the room for easy access including 2x mixer safety valves
  • Lay special purpose, non-slip, wetroom floor
  • Swap fluorescent ceiling light for LED & incorporate an Emergency light
  • Swap ceiling extractor fan/li>
  • Completely remove old floor and replace with wetroom tray and high strength floor boards
  • Replace shelves with full cupboard
  • Relocate radiator and change from normal to chrome towel type
  • Fit shower, shower rail & curtain
  • Fit matching door, handles
  • Tile throughout, including mosaic tiles

** Timescales 3 weeks, including access & toilet to be reinstated each night **




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