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Thanks for that very comprehensive report/survey. Money well spent in my opinion. I was very very very impressed. The room has dried out already, THANK YOU Ivan. chris_nottingham

I contacted Ivan at Square Conduct for advice regarding a few concerns I had with my property. I had been very impressed with Ivan’s videos which I found helpful and made perfect sense. Ivan was extremely supportive and he took the time to listen to my concerns and offered his advice free of charge and without obligation. I did not want to contact a “Specialist” as I am aware they invariably identify expensive and often unnecessary work that often do more harm than good, preferring an impartial and honest view of the issue and guidance as to what will put it right. Ivan was able to offer this and agreed to visit my property where he carried out the necessary investigations. He talked my wife and I through everything he was doing both inside and outside of the property and thoroughly explained his thoughts and findings clearly and without any jargon. Ivan has produced a detailed report with clear and in-depth recommendations which I now intend to follow. Ivan continues to be available through on-going email/phone support whilst I undertake this work. I was reassured by Ivan from our very first discussion and have found him to be trustworthy and professional offering clear, impartial and concise advise. I would recommend Ivan and Square Conduct Services without any hesitation whatsoever. Thanks again Ivan and your help Is very much appreciated indeed. Rod

Thanks so much for your advice when I contacted you Ivan. I’ll let you know how I get on. Really friendly and top advice. Stephen Wilkinson

Getting to the root of the problem. It’s cost a fortune in trying out paint sealants, mould eliminators, and getting quotes for damp courses, etc? A 100 year old property with damp in places, I was thoroughly confused regarding the differing quotes for a damp course and worried about the expense. Stumbled on Square Conducting Services. It really has been an enlightening experience. They are not there to recommend or promote traders, but they are a company giving straightforward and independent advice. A telephone call to discuss the problem was followed by an informative letter relating specifically to my property. An option to take up a thorough report at reasonable cost to get to the root of the problem, seemed far more sensible than assuming the solution was to install a damp course. I took up the Investigation which has proved that the damp course is in tact and that there are far easier and basic solutions which will improve the situation – and only requires a bit of gardening and a decent handyman! Follow up is also included and it just so nice to deal with a professional company. Debbie Newman

Nice video. Thank you Ivan for your great advice on my sub-floor ventilation issue. Much appreciated! Wento Yang

We were originally quoted around £6,000 by a ‘damp proof’ company, who were happy to inject a load of silicone into the walls. They didn’t even go outside the house to see what was causing the damp in the first place. We politely told them where to go ! After watching this video, I contacted Ivan regarding the issue. The outside concrete ground level had been built up too high, by the previous owners, therefore blocking an air brick. After emailing him, he was happy to travel over and look at the problem in depth. He was very professional and helpful. Ivan gave good advise and recommended what work needed doing. Daniel Sullivan

So rare to find such decent people. Thank you Ivan for all your advice so far it has been a great help in starting to get the damp issues sorted. Marc Elsley

Been in contact with Ivan over a few concerns I had…all I can say is a really genuine great guy, very professional and helpful without asking for anything in return – rare to come by these days! knows his stuff that’s for sure… Thank you Ivan Carly Higgs

Thank you, again for your reply again , you are really good and honest person to find in this day and age who wants to give good advice with nothing in return . I hope with your advice we will be able to solve our problem with damp. Thankyou once again. Salma Sader

Thanks Ivan, great video. I contacted Ivan via his company after seeing the videos to ask some advice on a recent damp survey I had received for my circa 1900 property. Ivan very kindly provided me with a clear explanation of what can typically cause damp in old buildings and some useful practical tips on how to investigate the root cause of this in my property (all without any charge & zero pressure to take up his paid services). I’m still looking into this but Ivan’s advice as well as the other information I have found after many hours of searching has hopefully saved me thousands on unnecessary treatments that at best would have only temporarily masked the problem and at worst could have caused much more damage. There’s a vast minefield of bad advise circulated by supposed experts in damp that want your hard earned money and this leaves the consumer totally confused as to what to do but Ivan and a few select others are working to right this wrong and guide properly owners to sensible outcomes. Thanks again. Matt H

Really refreshing to see this. It’s so nice to see good honest advice where you get to the root of the problem! Shaxxie

We were so grateful to come across these videos and to get some honest and practical advice from Ivan. We are on the way to solving the problem in our house rather than just hiding it with a new injected DPC. Thank you 😊 aCTCProduction

Excellent video. This shows how important it is to look for the cause of damp. We have a similar problem in our house and I am glad that I will now steer clear of the companies who simply drill into each brick, inject a magic liquid and then re-plaster. The guy in this video is much smarter and has actually bothered to look for the cause. Useful stuffq

Like your video, you are no fool like the rest of those a holes in the damp industry con. stacks flat

After watching these videos and establishing we had similar issues at our new home, we enlisted the help of square conduct services who came down and assessed the house for us. Extremely worthwhile as we’d received two quotes previously, both in the thousands, and they didn’t even identify the same solutions. The report we got from square conduct has saved us thousands and we fully understand the source of the problem and what we can do to resolve it. Thoroughly recommend getting in touch with these guys if you have damp issues at all. Well worth it! Jon White

Highly recommend this top guy to anyone who wants to receive opinion different to most common ones, dealing only with the very well known methods such as a injection DPC, hack off render , tanking slurry.. etc without going deep into the problem ! He spent from his time helping me with his knowledge with no any charge. Wish you all the best Ivan , best regards to you and your family and merry Christmas 🙂 Hristo Kirchev

Thanks!!! injecting damp proofing didn’t seem right to me. What you say makes perfect sense. Steve Thomas

Ivan is a true gent, we have been in communication about my house – and even though i am miles away and not going to be a customer (now at least) he has been an amazing help, very knowledgable and patient. If his communication with me (purely voluntary and free) is anything to go by then i would imagine that Square Conduct Services would be a very trustworthy and professional company. Thanks again Ivan. Dan Barton

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