Im told i have ‘Rising Damp’

Chance are you don’t, using the strict definition of the term.

It is however something that the ==== who offer ‘free surveys’ like to put into reports as 1) its a very scary term, 2) because they know you have heard of the term and you suspect damp, otherwise they wouldn’t be there, it builds up [very misplaced ] trust, known as ‘conformation bias’!

Even if you have, or you have another sort of damp, neither of which is guaranteed, they then completely blow their argument by not curing the damp by looking for the root cause, but by covering it up and masking it.

Is damp Scary? NO. Damp is incredibly simple and the house, home, property was a good one when built, so what has changed to make it bad? Find that, you find the root cause and you can cure it, simply. Deal with the effects, not the cause and you will always be in trouble.

Doesn’t all damp rise, so whats wrong with the term? NO. Damp shows up as an accumulation of moisture and while that can come from below, by a science known as capillary action, it can also come from the side or above through penetration. Directly, such as a drip or weather (rain) onto the area or by a combination of these coupled with capillary action that draws the moisture to the area. Condensation will also use damp

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