Why use a Project Manager

A [good] Project Manager will save you money and remove the heartache of running a project yourself while balancing your current workload. At the same hime they bring skills & expertise that may not be available internally.


Project managers are not ‘detached’ from the aims, outcomes, stakeholders and budgets of the Project just because they are externally appointed. In the opposite applies, their success and the success of the Project are inextricably linked together.

EVERYONE want a successful project

 Its a simple equation: The money you will save more than compensates for the use of a Project Manager



In a Contract environment

  • 100% focused on the project deliverables
  • Specific skills of Change Management as well as Project Management
  • Wider external experience allowing different perspectives to be considered
  • Independent and unbiased : No hidden agendas
  • Take the burden of responsibility away from permanent staff, thereby not damaging internal relationships

In a Construction Environment

  • Working for the Client, not the supplier / contractor
  • Fee structure that rewards cost removal while maintaining quality
  • No alliances with specific suppliers or sub-contractors : Use whoever is best for the Project

Why not turn the whole project over to a Building Contractor?

They may be inclined to ‘look for’ or charge ‘extras’ because its in their interest. A Project manager will avoid these or work to keep them to an absolute minimum as they are working in the Clients best interest.

– February 2015 snapshot: 5x TV series on ‘cowboy builders’, but zero ‘cowboy Project Managers’ programs

Because the Project Manager works for you, in clearly defined stages, highly visible at all times, matters never get out of control.

*We will NEVER ask for payment ‘upfront’*

Can i use a particular person or tradesman i know to do some of the work or can i do some of the work myself?

Yes ! Unlike turning the whole project over to a Building Contractor we can work with any person who you would wish to use. We welcome you getting personally involved in the process to whatever level you wish – its YOUR project

What happens if i dont like a particular person or company being used?

Again, unlike turning the project over to a Building Contractor you dont risk ‘upsetting the apple cart’ by mentioning such aspects to us. (We do have to say however that this has never happened, but nice to know you can call upon it at any time)

If the advantages are so great, why doesnt everyone use a Project Manager?

A lot of the time they do, you just dont hear about it. The client may wish to act as their own Project Manager or the task is so simple it doesnt require one. The advantages are many, but realisation of those advantages only comes from good Project Management, delivering YOUR wishes.


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